2017 – Year of Hope

This is the year i take the risks. This is the year I go after my biggest dream. A dream I have suppressed long enough.

I have started on my journey towards the dream. I had the uncomfortable conversation with the right people. I put my dream out there for everyone to see. I feel vulnerable and empowered.

But most of all I feel proud of myself. Proud that I spoke up and didn’t back down. Proud that I am pursuing this heartfelt wish. And proud that I can look at myself in the mirror and say: “You are one step closer to it!”.

I Am A Software Developer

16 Excuses Transformed Into Powerful Affirmations

Excuse — It will be difficult.


Answer — I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.

Excuse — It is going to be risky.


Answer — Being myself involves no risk. It is my ultimate truth and I live fearlessly.

Excuse — It is going to take a long time.


Answer — I have infinite patience when it comes to fulfilling my own destiny.

Excuse – I don’t deserve it.


Answer — I am divine creation – a piece of God – how can I be undeserving?

Excuse — It is not my nature.


Answer — My essential nature is perfect and faultless – it is to this nature that I return

Excuse — I can’t afford it.


Answer — I am connected to unlimited source of abundance.

Excuse — Nobody will help me


Answer — The right circumstances and people are already here and will show up on time.

Excuse – It has never happened before


Answer — I am open and willing to attract all that I desire beginning here and now

Excuse — I am not strong enough


Answer – I have access to unlimited assistance. My strength comes from my connection to my source.

Excuse — I am not smart enough


Answer — I’m a creation of the divine mind, all is perfect and I am a genius in my own right.

Excuse – I am too old / not old enough.


Answer — I am an infinite being – the age of my body has no bearing on what I do or who I am.

Excuse — It’s too big.


Answer — I think only about what I can do now. By thinking small I accomplish great things.

Excuse— I don’t have the energy.


Answer — I feel passionately about my life. And this passion fills me with excitement and energy.

Excuse — It is my personal family history


Answer — I live in the present moment by being grateful for all of my life experiences as a child.

Excuse — I am too busy.


Answer — As I de-clutter my life I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.

Excuse — I am too scared.


Answer — I can accomplish anything I put my mind to because I know I’m never alone.

2015 – My Year

So my year is in full swing now. It may seem strange for me to say that now, with the end of January fast approaching. But I only got back to work from leave a week ago. And already I feel like I need another break soon. 🙂

The really big thing about this year so far is that I have been reflecting on the past year (2014), and specifically looking for moments or instances when I was presented with an opportunity and didn’t take it or capitalize on it. And I was kind of taken aback from the number of times I didn’t see an opportunity when it was right in my face. Or I saw it as a opening into something big, and didn’t go hard enough or fast enough to grab it. Now I have to be honest, that did make me really sad and down for a couple of days. But I have decided that I can’t change the past. I can’t go back and rewrite the story. But I can learn from the experience. I can now keep an eye out for similar openings in the future. And go harder or smarter for them.

2015 is going to be a GREAT YEAR for me. I can feel it. And I am going to make sure it is. I don’t have all the answers on how I’m gonna do that right now. But each and every day I am going to choose in favor of me and my goals. Choose in favor of my future and making this a year to remember. A year I’m going to look back and say this year was the year it all started to go right!!

🙂 Wish me luck. And I wish you all fellow WordPress peeps the best year! A year filled with Love, Passion, Happiness and the Realization of your Dreams!! Stay positive and please share the Love.

The need to focus

For the longest time I have been the type of person who likes to multitask. I had this saying that I would say to myself: “Focus, Focus, Hocus Poctus!!“. I believed that people should be able to multitask. I actually took pride in saying how many things I can do at the same time. But lastly I have noticed that with all my multitasking, I actually am short changing myself and the tasks that I am doing. In trying to do too much, I end up doing a task/job that is well below a level that I am satisfied what.

So what this new realization (I should have seen this sooner), I am going to practice being more focused and doing one task at a time and doing as-good-a-job as possible. I started this new approach about a week and a half ago, and I have to report I am still struggling. 😦 Naturally I will be doing something and my mind will say, “you could be doing this other thing at the same time, it will save you time later”. And I have to stop try and mute these internal voices before I can continue what I am doing. On a positive side, I am starting to see results from focusing more. My work is of a bit better quality, and I am starting to get things done faster.

Hopefully I can fight it out till being focused on one task only becomes easier.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

When I started this blog it was with the intention of learning more about blogging and also about websites. I had a very keen interest in creating websites for a long time. The company I work for initially hired me as the Webmaster for their website. But due to unforeseen circumstances and my other skill sets I was moved to Systems Development and Support.

But the website bug kept nibbling away at me. Till I reached the point where I could not ignore it anymore. By that time my web design skills were quite rusty and dated. So continued my journey to web development. And fortunately, it was also the way I found out about WordPress. I haven’t looked back since. I am more interested in web development now than I have ever been. And loving it everyday.

Who I Am and Why I’m Here

My name is Shamz. I’m from Pietermaritzburg in South Africa.

This blog is intended to be a space where I write what is on my mind and going on in my world. I would like to meet new people who have the same interests as me.

My hope is that I will contribute to the WordPress blogsphere in whatever way I can.

Man I Have Missing Blogging

First off I must apologise for not posting for so long. It is all my fault. I have not been a good boy. 🙂

But I am back now. And hopefully full of energy and new things to write about. I hope all of you have had an awesome start to the year?

I have had this feeling from the beginning of the year that 2014 may be my year. So I have been running with a bunch of things these last couple weeks. I will elaborate on them in upcoming posts.

Have any of you been feeling the same way? I would really, really like to hear from you?

My aim is to be positive and proactive this year. I don’t want to regret anything anymore. Especially the missed opportunities!!

Take care. Chat again soon.

Happy New Year

I would like to wish all my followers, all those who have read my blog in 2013 and to every person who uses WP a very happy New Year. I hope this will turn out to be one of your best years. I hope all your wishes materialise. And most especially I hope this will be one of your best blogging years.

All the best for 2014.